Wholesale lender’s ‘first of its kind’ promotion revealed


“Brokers want to wow their real estate agents and feel confident that they can close a loan quickly when they talk to their client. A lot can go south if a loan extends and takes 40, 50 or 60 days, so getting a purchase loan to close quickly is incredibly powerful and beneficial to our partners.

The latest promotion is Rocket Pro TPO’s second big announcement aimed at improving broker loan processing. In late January, the company launched the Crews program, giving each broker partner direct access to a small, dedicated team of mortgage experts.

Randolph said Crews has been well received by the brokerage community. He said: “It’s had a lot of initial momentum and our partners love it. That’s one of the great things about working with partners – it’s not transactional. When you create these teams, you build relationships with the team members who are underwriters, closers, and securities coordinators.

The company’s aggressive campaigns and promotions – it also recently launched Purchase Power Play, offering 30 basis points off its prices – are ostensibly aimed at giving its broker partners an edge over the competition, but this is also happening in a time of change. extreme uncertainty in the mortgage industry, with companies shedding jobs due to excess capacity issues.

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