Yay ready!! expands loan counseling services to more small businesses across the United States


Small Business Financing Solution Providers, Lending Yay!!, Announce Expansion of Offerings to Meet the Needs of More Businesses Across All Industries

The Lending Yay team!! doesn’t sit on the oars to help small business owners in different parts of the United States grow their business as the company continues to expand its financing solutions to accommodate more businesses. Zack Gebrezgi, business loan consultant and entrepreneur, personifies the process to help clients access needed financing, leveraging his network and experience.

Funding remains one of the biggest challenges facing businesses around the world. Businesses often need more capital to accelerate growth or cover seasonal cash shortages. According to Shopify research, the average small business (defined as 4 or fewer employees) spends at least $40,000 in the first year. Unfortunately, accessing funds can often be a daunting task for small businesses, with a report revealing that around 82% close due to poor cash management and 29% simply run out. silver. However, ready Yay!! seeks to change that narrative, a claim supported by the range of financing options available to customers.

Yay ready!! offers a unique combination of comprehensiveness and relative affordability to deliver the best lending options to help businesses grow. The California-based company has a transparent process that includes completing a 2-minute pre-qualification form to access loans between $5,000 and $2 million. Yay ready!! offers a wide range of services, including line of credit, SBA, short-term loans, long-term loans, and equipment financing. The company also provides real estate financing and working capital, offering a one-stop-shop for all small business financing needs, with 24-hour approval and 3-day financing.

For more information on the loan Yay!! and financing solutions offered, visit – https://www.lendingyay.com/.

About Loan Yay!!

Yay ready!! was founded by Zack Gebrezgi, an entrepreneur and business loan consultant, to help small businesses get financing. Based in California, the company serves businesses across all industries in different regions of the United States.

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