3 Must-See Annual HW Panels for New Mortgage Officers


Just started your career as a mortgage loan officer and need answers to questions you didn’t even know you had? HW Annual is the place for you. From October 3-5, HW Annual is the epicenter of all things housing and takes place in Scottsdale, AZ. These three panels contain essential information that new OLs can use to kick-start their careers. See the agenda, here, for a complete list of panels, keynotes and events.

1. Workshop: Creating a seat at the table

Part of the Women of Influence Forum, this workshop is perfect for new loan officers, especially women new to the industry, to gain confidence in their position. It’s hard to take on a new role, especially if you’re changing industries. Leaders like at Percy Sarah Crossley, Service Link Caitlin Green and AVE loans‘s Annmarie Edwards will lead this workshop so that participants can gain hands-on experience in securing a seat at the table for themselves and their female colleagues working in the housing industry.

2. Reach home buyers in a buyer’s market

The housing market has changed dramatically over the past few years, from sky-high house prices to fluctuating mortgage interest rates and a shift to the buying market, it can be difficult to reach buyers. Some houses sell in ten minutes, others stay on the market for ten weeks. This panel will break down the tips and tricks needed to reach homebuyers in a buying market, and it will help loan officers successfully transition from focusing on refinancing to buying. There is still room in the industry for new loan officers to make their mark, and this panel will give new LOs the information they need to succeed.

3. Great session on the housing market

This all-star panel will cover all corners of the housing industry and economy. Filled with the latest Housing Reports data, they will discuss mortgage rates, housing inventory, and the data and trends that all industry professionals need to succeed in the future. New LOs can’t miss this chance! Heard from HousingWire’s Logan Mohtashami, Bright MLS Lisa Sturtevant and by CoreLogic Selma Hepp as they break down the future of housing. There is so much to discuss!

HW Annual will be held in Scottsdale, Arizona this year and will feature housing leaders from all corners of the industry, including real estate, mortgages and foreclosures. Loan officers can get all the mortgage information they need. Join us at HW Annual for the content, connections and technology you need to win in this environment. As a reminder, HW+ members benefit from exclusive rates and receive a 50% reduction on the ticket price. Go here to register if you are a HW+ member or to register for HW+ to access this prize.


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