Fair Credit Reporting Act Violations Alleged Against Debt Collector IC System, Inc., for Inaccurate Credit Reports


Violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act alleged against IC System, Inc.,

Hoffman v IC System, Inc., et al., USDC, ED Cal., Case No. 1:21-cv-01637-AWI-JLT

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, February 11, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — In October 2021, the Swigart Law Group, APC, filed suit against IC System, Inc., Experian Information Solutions, Inc., and Trans Union, LLC. The complaint alleges multiple violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and seeks damages on behalf of plaintiff Jacob Hoffman. Mr. Hoffman’s complaint alleges that IC System, Inc. reported that he owed on an alleged DirecTV account that he never had.

IC System Inc., inaccurately reported on Mr. Hoffman’s Experian and Trans Union reports collection debt for an account he never opened. When Mr. Hoffman became aware of IC System’s inaccurate account, he requested his official credit reports from annualcreditreports.com. After reviewing his reports, Mr. Hoffman was shocked to find that IC System reportedly said he was in debt to an account he never opened.

Mr. Hoffman contacted the original creditor who assured him that he had no record of an account in his name. After confirming that the information in his report was inaccurate, Mr. Hoffman sent written dispute letters to Experian and Trans Union. Mr. Hoffman’s letters included his identifying information and explained that he had not opened an account with the original creditor, that he was indebted to the original creditor, and therefore the account from IC System was inaccurate as stated.

However, despite Mr. Hoffman’s disputes, IC System, Experian and Trans Union verified that the account was accurate. After exhausting all means available to correct the inaccurate information on his credit reports, Mr. Hoffman had no choice but to retain the services of Swigart Law Group, APC, a consumer advocacy firm practicing exclusively on behalf of injured parties to bring legal action.

See a copy of the Swigart Law Group complaint here.

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