India News | Kozhikode boy meets Kerala CM for loan repayment harassment


Unable to bear the grief and harassment of his debt-ridden family, the 11th grader traveled from his home in Kozhikode district to the state capital to meet Prime Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

Vijayan, who met the boy and patiently listened to his problems, told him not to travel without telling his family.

Without telling his family, the boy boarded the train to the capital and showed up outside Vijayan’s official residence – it’s Cliff House – on Saturday night in an auto-rickshaw and told security that wanted to meet CM, police said.

Security guards called the police and the 16-year-old was taken for questioning at the Museum’s police station, where he explained to officers why he wanted to meet CM.

Officers informed the boy’s family and CM of the incident.

The boy’s father then traveled to the state capital and Vijayan met them both, they said.

The boy told Vijayan that his father used a loan to build a 2BHK house, and when he failed to repay several installments, a notification was sent to them, according to footage of the meeting shown on the channel. Kairali television operated by CPI. (M). New.

After sending the boy and his father home, he instructed the relevant department to investigate whether anything could be done about the boy’s complaint.

The boy’s long-hour trip to meet CM to discuss loan repayment harassment comes into its own after the suicide of a 20-year-old student who hanged herself in her home after seeing a notice of recovery stuck in front of his house in Kerala Bank.

She was found dead at her home in Kollam on the evening of September 20.

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