Loan sharks offer the choice of reduced reimbursement or continued harassment


Mumbai: A 24-year-old resident of Chembur filed charges against loan sharks in what police call a unique case.

The police uncovered a unique modus operandi used by the recovery agents who sent obscene processed images of the target to their relatives along with messages offering the choice to pay the money with a 50% discount and have the files removed. data or face ongoing harassment. .

According to Nehru Nagar Police, the Complainant runs a shoe business and learned about a mobile loan application through a friend of his.

As he needed money, he downloaded the app suggested by his friend on May 7 and applied for a loan of Rs 30,000. The amount was to be repaid in 90 days. However, only Rs 3,850 was credited to his bank account, the plaintiff said in his FIR.

On May 12, the complainant received a call from an unknown number. The caller claimed to be calling on behalf of the loan company and asked the complainant to pay 7,000 rupees.

The plaintiff refused to pay the amount saying he only received a loan of Rs 3850 and disconnected the call.

Within five minutes, he received an image on WhatsApp of the recovery agent’s number. The complainant told police he had been obscenely transformed, using his face on another person’s naked body, with a derogatory comment about his mother written on it.

After some time, the debt collector called the complainant back and threatened to send the image to his family and friends if he refused to refund the money.

The plaintiff then agreed to pay Rs 6,300 via a link provided by the debt collector.

On May 13, he received a call from another number and the debt collector asked him to pay the loan amount.

The complainant told the caller that he had already repaid the loan, but the caller then threatened to circulate the transformed image. The complainant then blocked the number.

On May 28, the complainant learned through his relatives that the debt collectors had sent them messages giving them the choice of refunding the money with a 50% reduction and having the data deleted or continuing to to be harassed.

The complainant finally went to the police and had a violation recorded on Sunday.


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