Refund of ‘8.15% GS 2022’ – Odisha Diary


New Delhi: The outstanding balance of ‘8.15% GS 2022’ is payable at par on June 10, 2022. No interest will accrue from the said date. In the event that a holiday is declared on the day of redemption by a state government under the Negotiable Instruments Act of 1881, the loan(s) will be redeemed by that state’s paying offices on the preceding business day .

In accordance with Sub-Rules 24(2) and 24(3) of the Government Securities Regulations, 2007, payment on maturity proceeds to the registered holder of the government security held in the form of a subsidiary general ledger or a constituent subsidiary general ledger account or share certificate, must be made by a payment order containing the relevant details of its bank account or by credit to the account of the cardholder at any bank with the ability to receive funds electronically. For the purposes of paying for the securities, the initial subscriber or subsequent holders of such government securities must submit relevant details of their bank account well in advance. However, in the absence of relevant indications of bank account/money order for receipt of funds electronically, to facilitate repayment of the Loan at maturity, holders may bring the securities, duly paid up, to the Public Debt Offices , Treasuries/Sub-Treasuries and Branches of State Bank of India (with which they are listed/registered for payment of interest) 20 days before the repayment due date.

Full details of the procedure for receiving the discharge value can be obtained from any of the payment offices mentioned above.


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