Unfinished Dream Homes, Growing Debt for Clients Who Trusted Sanford Builder J&R Homes

SANFORD, NC (WTVD) — A Lee County construction company is leaving many of its clients with unfinished homes and thousands of dollars in liens on their properties.

“You were sold something – you were sold this big dream and then taken away from you,” said a frustrated Stephanie Hayden, whose husband signed a contract with J&R Homes to build a $340,000 home.

The contract was signed in June 2021. The couple and their son were excited to build this semi-custom home with J&R Homes in Sanford.

“They sold us a pretty incredible dream of building our dream home within our budget, something we didn’t think we could do at this point in our lives,” Hayden said.

Despite paying the deposit to their builder, it took months for work to begin.

“They laid the foundation in January. They finally started framing in February. They didn’t reinforce the trusses properly. So they fell to the back of the house and they haven’t done anything since. We were said our completion date was April 15. We were supposed to close and move into this house (on) April 15, and we obviously still haven’t moved in,” Hayden explained.

Their house is far from finished because the framing is not even finished. To make matters worse, the Haydens went ahead and sold the house they lived in because they thought J&R Homes would complete the house on time, as promised.

“We were selling our house before my husband was deployed, so when he comes home we can move in. My son, I and our two dogs have moved in with my brother and sister-in-law and lived with them while my husband was deployed. We still live with them because my husband came back from deployment.

To date, Hayden says J&R Homes has $12,000 of their money from their initial deposit and upgrades, plus $80,000 from the couple’s construction loan. The couple also received an $18,000 lien from the company that provided the wood for their home, because the company claims J&R failed to pay the bill.

“I cried a lot. It’s been incredibly difficult. It’s been emotionally draining. Financially, we don’t know what situation we’re going to end up in because we’re responsible for repaying this construction loan and we’re going to pay for it. a house that’s not even finished – that’s not even habitable, because I mean it’s been exposed to the elements for months,” Hayden said.

Besides Hayden’s house which is unfinished, she has four other houses being built by J&R Homes around her which are left in unfinished stages. Hayden hopes action will soon be taken against J&R Homes.

“I want justice and I never want these people to do this to anyone else again, because I’m afraid they’ll go broke and then try to do the same thing again. to people who don’t know what they did, because they destroyed a lot of families,” Hayden said.

Brandon and Christa Honeycutt are in a similar situation with J&R Homes.

“(Daniel Brody, CEO of J&R Homes) told us at the end of February, he said, we’ll be there; I promise you by March 31,” Honeycutt said. Although the Honeycutts have more work to do at home than Hayden, it still isn’t done.

Honeycutt confronted Brody about the state of his house and said Brody assured him it would be done.

“He basically explained to me that they were behind on some other houses, and that they are waiting for a restructuring of the draws from the other houses or the other lender, so that they can get caught paying all the pennies. sailors for the work they’ve done on other projects.”

To date, Honeycutt said J&R Homes has secured about $250,000 of its construction loan, but many of the subcontractors who worked on the home have filed liens against the property totaling more than $50,000 after they all claimed they were not being paid by J&R Homes of Sanford.

“It’s our dream house, but we don’t have a house. We have to live with my parents. We have two children and we cannot buy another house. It could ruin our credit. our funds to even finish the house if we want to, so it’s more than just a dream house. We don’t have a house in our name,” Christa Honeycutt said.

Tow truck Diane Wilson attempted to get answers from J&R Homes of Sanford. She went to three of their offices listed on the contracts, but all three doors were locked and no one was inside. Wilson also emailed and called CEO Daniel Brody and contacted his attorney; still no answer.

Several J&R Homes customers also report receiving no response from Brody or anyone associated with J&R Homes. The only communication some clients received was in late April from the J&R Homes Sales Manager explaining that due to extenuating circumstances, J&R Homes was considering bankruptcy and engaging in consultation to weigh all options.

“The money has to be somewhere because they’re not paying contractors with that money,” Brandon Honeycutt said.

The North Carolina Attorney General’s Office has received five complaints against J&R Homes and said it is reviewing the complaints. the NC Licensing Board for General Contractors also received complaints against J&R Homes LLC. Additionally, the board said J&R Homes LLC is a licensed contractor, but J&R Group LLC, which is the group the Honeycutts have a contract with, is not a licensed contractor. The Executive Director of the Board of Directors confirms his intention to seek an injunction against J&R Group LLC. If you are a customer of J&R Homes, you can file a complaint here.

As well as customers in Lee County, tow truck Diane Wilson has also heard from families in Rockingham and Scotland County who have also contracted with J&R Homes, and it’s a similar story. Their homes are unfinished and all have thousands of dollars in liens deposited on their property.

We will keep you informed if any action is taken against the builder. Some clients told Wilson they were trying to see if criminal charges could be filed.

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