Wolters Kluwer Compliance Solutions’ Enhanced eNote Data Validation Feature Streamlines Lenders’ Electronic Filing Process


MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Wolters Kluwer Compliance Solutions has further enhanced its award-winning eVault technology, which can now detect and alert users to inconsistencies in data-to-display mappings contained in SMART Doc eNotes that are delivered online in Wolters Kluwer eOriginal™ vaults. The Upgrade Data Validation feature helps lenders reduce loan eVaulting production delays, while maximizing digital loan workflow efficiency.

Wolters Kluwer’s introduction of an enhanced arc validation feature validates incoming eNotes against guidelines established by the Washington DC-based Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO®). It automatically alerts eNote customers (originators, investors, and custodians) whenever eDelivered eNote data does not meet MISMO specifications. Wolters Kluwer’s Arc Data Validation utility builds on years of in-house developed best practices focused on data alignment and visualization. Now, customers can take advantage of these best practices with this new customer-facing utility.

Unlike experience with some other eVault providers, Wolters Kluwer’s technology does not block an electronic note if an inconsistency is detected. Instead, Wolters Kluwer’s Arc Data Validation functionality serves as an additional level of quality control to ensure that all entities participating in the mortgage industry speak a common data language, adhering to MISMO standards. . Adhering to these standards, along with the guidelines that GSEs (government-sponsored enterprises) help establish, can help accelerate the funding and movement of secure digital assets to the secondary market by prospectively reducing inconsistencies in eNote data that could prevent the sale and securitizations to investors.

Additionally, the technology is sophisticated enough to identify situations where multiple variations of a standard are permitted by MISMO. This enhancement focuses exclusively on the display data mappings contained within the SMART Doc, thereby reducing potential delays and/or outright rejections of eNotes being processed for an eVault.

“As eNote adoption grows within the mortgage ecosystem, the universe of participants who create, hold, sell and securitize these assets expands,” said Simon Moir, Vice President, Banking Compliance Solutions at Wolters Kluwer Compliance Solutions. “Not all of these users will be fully familiar with SMART Docs and MISMO standards, so inconsistencies will multiply. Our new arc validation service automatically alerts users and shows them and their vendor partners exactly what to fix and won’t slow down the fast movement of eNotes. In short, this improvement gives lenders and their members confidence in meeting the specifications laid out by MISMO. »

For more information on arc validation, visit Wolters Kluwer’s dedicated site.

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